Whats new August 2018
Cost allocation module update
Allocate other types of costs - e.g. payroll, production costs and others. You can have as many cost types as you need.
Edit header information of purchase invoices and other allocated costs after you have added it to the system, e.g. to correct amounts, dates, company name or etc.
Get advantages of updated cost allocation window:
  • See all budget lines in one single window
  • Different phases (if used) in project are grouped
  • Allocate costs on higher levels than a budget line, e.g. on a budget part level.
Track all events (logs) in costs allocation module - see the full history of every event with allocated costs, e.g. who, when and what has changed during purchase invoice allocation.
Better filtering options in allocated costs view, such as an ability to filter out more statuses.
In a simple dashboard see all your tasks related to cost allocation - e.g. you will be able to see a list of purchase invoices that you should work on and track "read / unread" status.
Other updates & technical fixes that influence the performance and comfort of use the Cost allocation module, e.g.:
  • Option to allocate prepaid purchase invoices
  • Ability to see the total sum of allocated costs in a date range
  • Added “postponed” invoice status
  • Ability to track payments (e.g. sent to Bank)
  • Design changes
  • Pager functionality for better performance
  • Improved assigned users view - now you can see initials of assigned users with colored cost allocation process status, e.g. when costs are confirmed, assigned person initials will be colored in green.
Get notifications about new tasks inside Bauwise in the menu bar and also notifications via email.