Construction Budget Management and Forecasting

Track actual expense and profitability in real-time.

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No hidden costs

Our construction budget management and forecasting software help you make sure no expense gets past you. You will get immediate feedback and notifications if something is wrong and when you’re going over budget.

Make confident forecasts

It is really easy to enter and update project forecasts and commitments. Simultaneously producing essential information in terms of cash flow planning, our software helps you make more accurate and confident forecasts and saves your time as well.

Plan better

Our software helps you understand what has changed from previous periods, so your organisation’s financials are always up to date, and you can plan your next steps better. Also, you can easily hand information over to new people to prepare them better.

Key product features


Track commitments, actuals,
and profitability

Bauwise gives you an overview of all contracts you have entered into and how many are still pending. Track if you’re saving on your contracts or are going over the budget.


Complete overview of your budget

You can manage and compare budgets version by version, also see commitments and outstanding budgets in the same view giving you a complete overview.


Flexible budget setups

Filter items by code or contract number to have a better overview. It works like sheets in Excel that is already familiar to you.


Link with accounting software for automatic updates

No need to bother your bookkeepers to get detailed information. Efficient and flexible integrations with your accounting software keep you up to date at all times and locations. It saves you tons of time and money!


View linked invoices and actuals

You can reach all costs, linked invoices related to different budget lines, and actual costs with just one click. Colour coded filtering systems will notify you of over-and underbudgeting.

See for yourself how simple and efficient Bauwise is.

The typical learning time is just two sessions, while our software can save you up to 4 workdays per month.

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