Daily Progress Reporting

Always know where the project is heading.

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Make sure you are not losing money

Bauwise gives you a thorough and connected overview of budgets, timesheets, incurred expenses and everything important that aids you in making a project profitable.

Always in control

You can compare how supplier invoices work in comparison to daily reports, making the project transparent.

Analyse on a deeper level

Different reports and resource costs in connection to each other help you see aspects and potential for improvement.

Key product features


Fast feedback on costs

Our Daily Progress Reporting function gives you the fastest feedback on incurred expenses and helps you avoid simple mistakes.


Link timesheets and budgets

You can link timesheets with the budget to calculate finances more accurately. Therefore, you will always know how things are going and if the project is heading in the right direction.


Fully customisable

All the forms are fully customisable with custom formulas, so you can have everything set according to your needs and tastes.

See for yourself how simple and efficient Bauwise is.

The typical learning time is just two sessions, while our software can save you up to 4 workdays per month.

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