Cash flow management for construction

Make sure you have enough cash

Cash flow management use cases


Let Bauwise automatically create and update your cash flow plan and forecast – adjust it manually if needed.

Planned, actual and forecasted

View planned, actual and forecasted cash flow month by month in a cumulative or as-is report. The visual chart will help you identify cash flow trends.

Be confident

Run your business confident in the knowledge that you have enough capital to finance construction projects.

Cash flow management key features

Automated cash flow

Slow paying customers, quick billing subcontractors and the time-consuming work of creating and updating cash flow reports are common construction industry challenges. We have created a cash flow planning tool that automates reporting, releasing project team time and giving you confidence in the project’s financial plan. Bauwise construction budgeting tool automatically collects all forecasted costs and incomes, taking into account payment terms, and creates a simple cash flow report where you can clearly see whether you need any extra financing for your project. This means you can start addressing financial issues ahead of time.

Visual cost planning

Cash flow planning is never the most pleasant task for project managers, but it is crucial information for the business. We have simplified this process by allowing the team to plan, re-plan and model costs as they work with the schedule using the Gantt chart. Works or materials bars can be conveniently dragged and dropped within the chart, and tasks can be split into smaller chunks, while the cash flow report takes into account all these changes and creates and updates the cash flow plan accordingly.

Business level cash flow overview

To run a successful construction business you need to have the right amount of cash at the right time. While construction projects might need different levels of financing during the construction period, you should be aware of what your total project portfolio cash flow looks like. Our total cash flow overview enables you to understand which projects require how much money and when.

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