Meet Our Team

A group of passionate professionals dedicated to revolutionizing the construction industry through innovative software solutions
CEO of Bauwise

Mikk Ilumaa

CEO of Bauwise

Kaspar Nõlve is a CTO of Bauwise construction cost management software

Kaspar Nõlve

CTO of Bauwise

Kairi Rosen is a project manager at Bauwise

Kairi Rosen

Head of Project Management

Taavi Kaiv: Bauwise customer success manager

Taavi Kaiv

Customer Success Manager

Aivaras Remeikis is a sales manager at Bauwise.

Aivaras Remeikis

Consultant & Sales Manager

Andrus Edala- software developer at Bauwise

Andrus Edala

Software Developer

Sven Süld is s developer at Bauwise

Sven Süld

Software Developer

Marge Matkur is a customer support manager at Bauwise.

Marge Matkur

Customer Support Manager

Bret-Gregor Maidre is the head of marketing at Bauwise.

Bret-Gregor Maidre

Head of Marketing

Aleksandr Gildi is a software developer at Bauwise.

Aleksandr Gildi

Software Developer

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