Aivaras Remeikis

Aivaras Remeikis is a sales manager at Bauwise.

Consultant & Sales Manager

Aivaras Remeikis is a key member of the Bauwise team, serving as a Consultant and Sales Manager for Lithuania and various international markets. With a primary focus on implementing Bauwise software for new clients, Aivaras is adept at addressing and resolving customer concerns, ensuring a seamless integration of Bauwise solutions into their operations.

Expertise in Implementation and Customer Relations

Aivaras has years of experience implementing Bauwise’s construction cost management software across numerous construction companies in the Baltic countries and Europe. His deep understanding of the software’s capabilities and keen insight into the specific needs of construction companies makes him an invaluable asset in the implementation process. Aivaras’s expertise ensures that the software integration is smooth and issue-free, leading to high levels of customer satisfaction.

His role involves more than just technical implementation; Aivaras is also instrumental in identifying and understanding the target customer base for Bauwise products. His ability to pinpoint the exact needs of construction companies allows him to tailor solutions that are most beneficial for them, ensuring that Bauwise’s offerings perfectly align with client requirements.

Aivaras Remeikis is a sales manager at Bauwise.

Skills in Project Management and Communication

Aivaras’s proficiency extends to strong project management and customer communication skills. He coordinates various aspects of software implementation projects, ensuring all milestones are met efficiently and effectively. His excellent communication skills enable him to build and maintain strong relationships with clients, giving them the confidence and assurance they need when adopting new software solutions.

Contributions at Bauwise

At Bauwise, Aivaras’s role is pivotal in expanding the company’s reach and enhancing its presence in new markets. His contributions drive the successful implementation of Bauwise software and reinforce the company’s reputation for quality and customer-centric solutions in the construction management software industry. His dedication and skill in both technical and relational aspects of his role make him a standout member of the Bauwise team, continually pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved in construction software implementation and customer satisfaction.

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