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Our long-term and international team is always looking for new challenges and ways to make Bauwise as pleasant an experience as possible for you. Get in touch with your feedback and help us to make Bauwise even better for your company.

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Construction is in our DNA

Our experienced international team is always looking for new ways to make your experiences with Bauwise even better.

The construction industry generally uses the most outdated IT solutions. Bauwise’s home country Estonia at the same time is globally well-known for being a leader in the fields of IT and digitalization, making Estonia’s construction industry one the most tech-savvy as well.
Bauwise is a beacon in the construction industry with its software, making a mark in the general contracting field and continuously expanding and iterating cutting-edge functionality.

Bauwise’s main end-users are Project Managers – the most valuable players for construction companies. We strongly believe in working closely with our end-users, standing by them on a construction site if necessary and looking at how they operate to provide tools that continuously increase their productivity.

We support with equal dedication small, fast-growing construction companies and industry leaders. It is in our DNA.

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