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Crafting the foundation of financial clarity for every construction project. With Bauwise, we’re building budgets, brick by brick, ensuring profitability at every turn.

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Enhanced Financial Oversight

Experience real-time tracking that keeps you informed of expenses the moment they happen. Our construction cost management software provides an instantaneous view of every financial detail, from labor expenses to material acquisitions. Paired with our intelligent cost forecasting capabilities, you can anticipate and prepare for future costs, whether they arise from a sudden increase in material prices or unexpected labor costs. Additionally, our centralized dashboard puts all this information at your fingertips, presenting a comprehensive financial overview intuitively.

Future-Proofing & Scalability

No matter the project's scale – be it a minor renovation or a grand infrastructure endeavor – our software adapts and grows to meet your needs. We ensure you remain ahead of industry trends with our continuous free software updates, and whenever you need assistance or have queries about a specific project, our dedicated support team stands ready to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Streamlined Workflow & Collaboration

Our platform fosters unified communication, ensuring alignment across the board, from subcontractors to project managers. Real-time sharing of updates, financial shifts, and critical data provides a cohesive workflow. Easy access to our payment application feature alleviates the hassle of payment processes. Contractors and subcontractors can easily track, manage, and submit their milestone-based payments. Plus, change orders, whether initiated by you or your team, can be tracked, approved, and integrated directly into the budget without missing a beat.

construction cost management software

Get a real-time overview of your construction project budgets

Efficiently manage your construction project budget in real-time and improve cost tracking with a centralized, configurable cost management platform. Track the real-time status of all cost codes, commitments, change orders, payment applications, and changes to provide early insight and real-time visibility into their impact on the expected final cost of your construction projects. See which jobs are making a profit and which are making a loss. Additionally, Receive automatic cost forecasts and prevent various budgeting problems that may arise in the future.

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construction project change order list

Simplify and streamline change order management processes

Manually handling change orders can be difficult as the project’s scope evolves with the budget. Gain a clear view of all the details and impact of changes on the overall budget of a construction project while managing all aspects of the change order process in one single platform. Get an overview of all change orders, their type, scope, source, status, and cost implications. Connect budget items and change orders through all-in-one change order management software. See the impact of changes immediately and get a real-time overview of the project’s financial health.

customize construction budget according to your needs

Customize construction project budget according to your needs

Create custom budget structures that work with all accounting systems and work breakdown structures. Reorder, rename, or create custom calculations in budget columns to display the most important budget information. Move expenses according to work categories and make sure all costs are where they should be in the budget. Evaluate your project metrics to ensure they are making a profit, not a loss.

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AI-driven construction billing

Manage Invoices with construction cost management software

Chasing invoices and managing a paper trail can quickly become a full-time job in itself. Your contractors and subcontractors need to get paid, but a single missing invoice can lead to long delays and unhappy customers. Centralizing invoices ensures that all invoices are kept together and submitted correctly. Integrate Bauwise with your accounting system and optimize your invoice approval with our tailored workflows, ensuring every key stakeholder has a voice in the decision-making journey.


construction client payment application signing process

Easy Payment Application Management

Contractors and subcontractors typically receive payments based on the completion of certain project stages or percentages rather than a single bulk amount. Tracking these segmented payments manually, mainly when representing a portion of the overall job costs, can be cumbersome. Construction cost management software simplifies this by enabling accurate payment application creations for contractors and subcontractors.

Using the web-based platform, subcontractors can directly submit their payment applications, reducing the administrative workload and risk for your team. Have confidence that subcontractor progress claims match the work completed and no progress claims have been missed. Shared visibility into contract documents and budgets clarifies the work scope for all team members.

construction stakeholders collaboration

Increased collaboration between stakeholders

Improve communication across stakeholders and ensure everything runs smoothly by managing all construction cost activities in the cloud. Control and manage the permissions and allow stakeholders and project managers to view, approve, or reject payment applications and accept or reject change orders. Share all the critical information and make informed decisions with Bauwise user-friendly construction cost management software.

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Construction cost management is a critical aspect of construction projects that involves planning, controlling, and coordinating a project’s budget from initiation through completion. It’s not just about setting a budget but continuously monitoring and adjusting to ensure the project remains within its financial boundaries. This process ensures that resources are used efficiently, potential financial risks are identified and mitigated, and the project delivers value for money. Essentially, it’s about ensuring that every penny spent contributes positively to the project’s outcome, avoiding unnecessary expenses and waste.

Cost management in the construction industry is crucial for a multitude of reasons. At its core, it’s about ensuring that a project stays within the set budget, but it’s also so much more than that.

Firstly, construction projects involve a significant amount of investment, both in terms of time and money. Proper cost management of project costs ensures this investment yields the desired outcome without unnecessary financial strain or overrun.

Secondly, it aids in forecasting and preparing for potential financial risks. By closely monitoring costs, potential budgetary concerns can be identified before they become full-blown issues, ensuring corrective measures can be taken promptly.

Additionally, construction projects often involve multiple stakeholders – from owners and investors to contractors and suppliers. Efficient cost management ensures that everyone gets paid fairly and on time and fosters trust among all parties involved in complex projects.

Lastly, in a competitive industry like construction, the ability to deliver projects on budget can significantly enhance a firm’s visibility and reputation, leading to more opportunities and business growth.

In essence, cost management in construction isn’t just about estimating the numbers—it’s about ensuring a project’s viability, sustainability, and success from start to finish.

Software in the realm of construction cost management is like a Swiss army knife for project managers and stakeholders. Here’s how it becomes a game-changer:

  1. Real-time Tracking & Reporting: Software allows for immediate updates on expenses, providing real-time data on where the money is going. This quick access to data enables timely decisions and corrective actions if any discrepancies arise.

  2. Budget Forecasting: Using historical data and predictive analytics, the software can help anticipate future costs, ensuring that the project stays within the budget and mitigating unforeseen financial risks.

  3. Centralized Data Hub: With software, all financial data related to a construction project is stored in one central location. This eliminates the chaos of scattered documents and ensures easy retrieval and review of information.

  4. Improved Collaboration: Modern software solutions often come with cloud-based features that enable multiple team members to access, update, and collaborate on financial aspects seamlessly. This ensures all stakeholders are on the same page.

  5. Efficiency and Accuracy: Manual calculations are prone to errors, which can be costly in construction. Software automates many of these processes, reducing the margin for error and saving valuable time.

  6. Integration with Other Tools: Many construction cost management software solutions can integrate with other project management tools, payroll systems, and procurement tools. This holistic approach ensures a seamless flow of data and more cohesive project management.

  7. Historical Data Analysis: By storing data from past projects, the software can help teams analyze what went right or wrong, aiding in refining strategies for future projects.

In essence, the software transforms the daunting task of construction cost management into a streamlined, efficient, and more accurate process. It empowers teams to make informed financial decisions, ensuring successful and profitable completion of construction projects.

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