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Manage your construction-related invoices from one place. Save time and get paid faster with easy-to-use invoicing software. Reduce the invoice process from days to minutes with simple invoice collection, review, and approval software.

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Maximize Efficiency and Profitability

With Bauwise’s invoicing software for contractors, you can streamline your invoicing and billing process, saving you valuable time and resources. By minimizing manual data entry and simplifying invoice tracking, our platform lets you focus on more important aspects of your business. Increased efficiency leads to higher profitability, making Bauwise an investment that pays for itself.

Unparalleled Control and Insight

Our software provides you with a comprehensive overview of all your financial data, offering a complete overview of your invoice statuses and project budget cost accounts. Advanced search and filter tools allow for easy navigation and quick access to necessary documents. With daily notifications, you’ll never miss an update. Bauwise puts you in control, giving you the insights you need to make informed business decisions.

Flexible and Customizable Workflows

Every business is unique, and so are your invoicing needs. Bauwise allows you to customize your invoice approval workflows, ensuring all necessary stakeholders are included. Our platform supports different approval models, whether you have one or multiple approvers. Plus, with features like multi-project allocation and automated approval thresholds, Bauwise adapts to your business, offering a truly personalized experience.

Construction invoice scanning

Harness the Power of AI for Hassle-Free Invoice Entry

Bauwise streamlines invoice management for construction companies by providing multiple, seamless methods to import purchase invoices. Whether directly emailing an invoice to Bauwise or dragging and dropping an invoice file from your computer into our upload area, Bauwise construction invoice software ensures an effortless experience.

  • Leverage AI Technology: Let our Artificial Intelligence work for you. Our intelligent system reads your documents and auto-populates critical fields such as the supplier invoice number, company name, invoice dates, and the total amount. This means less manual entry and fewer errors for you. Drill down to the job level and see which jobs made a profit and which didn’t.
  • Advanced Accounting Software Integrations: Connect Bauwise with your existing accounting software and experience the convenience of automatic invoice imports. No more manual uploading or data entry.
Adding professional invoices has never been easier; take advantage of A. I. working for you and reduce business expenses
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Custom invoice approval workflows

Streamline your invoice approval process with our custom workflows to ensure that every essential stakeholder is included in the decision-making process. Assign invoices to any number of stakeholders; they will receive convenient daily notifications, keeping everyone in the loop.

  • Flexible Approval Logic: Our system supports different approval models. Whether there’s one individual sign-off or multiple approvers, we have it covered.
  • One Final Approver: When a single final approver is chosen, the invoice status changes to “approved” upon their confirmation.
  • Multiple Final Approvers: If multiple approvers are needed, they can give the final approval, contingent on the fully allocated amount.
  • Auto-Forward to Accounting: Once all assigned stakeholders have approved, the invoice is automatically sent to your accounting software, with costs appearing in your project’s actual costs.
  • Set Approval Thresholds: Introduce an extra layer of scrutiny with our limit feature. If an invoice exceeds a predetermined amount – for example, €10,000 – a new approver is automatically added to the process.


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construction invoice allocation

Unique invoice allocation

At Bauwise, we offer an innovative invoice allocation system designed to help you maintain control of your commitments and effectively manage projects to prevent budget overruns with our construction invoicing software.

  • Seamless Project Integration: Select a project, and our system will load the corresponding budget structure with commitments, making allocation easy and intuitive.
  • Automated Allocation: Allocate the invoice amount directly to the budget line items or choose a payment application for automated allocation. Bauwise takes the hard work out of your hands.
  • Multi-Project Allocation: Need to distribute an invoice across multiple projects? No problem. Our system allows for flexible allocation, so just repeat the process with another project of your choice.
  • Straightforward Approval Process: Once the allocation is set, approve the invoice with a click. The invoice will automatically be forwarded to the next stakeholder for approval if necessary.
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Streamlined Invoice Document Management

Empower project owners with our comprehensive construction invoice software to centralize, simplify, and streamline invoicing. In one convenient location, get a clear overview of all project invoices, including amounts, payment deadlines, and current statuses.

  • Complete Status Visibility: Stay informed with real-time insights into the approval process. View the status of every invoice, whether unconfirmed, awaiting approval, confirmed, suspended, partially paid, or fully settled.
  • Payment Tracking: Gain a clear understanding of your financial obligations. Monitor the amounts paid on each invoice and track outstanding balances with ease.
  • Advanced Search and Filters: Navigate your financial data with efficiency. Use our powerful search tool and intuitive filters to locate necessary invoices and expense documents quickly.
Construction invoice scanning

Automated invoice management software

Automate the process of collecting, reviewing, and approving your invoices to save time and increase construction business profitability.

  • Invoice Creation Simplified: Generate invoices quickly through our intuitive payment application process.
  • Seamless Invoice Dispatch: Send approved invoices to your accounting department via email or our advanced integrations. We ensure every detail lands exactly where it needs to be.
  • Smart Invoice-Budget Linking: Our software automatically links your invoices to corresponding project budget cost accounts, offering you an unrivaled level of financial oversight.
  • Daily Status Updates: Stay informed and in control with daily notifications about your invoice statuses. Never miss an update or lose track of an invoice again.

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Construction invoice software is a specialized tool designed to facilitate the billing and invoicing process for construction projects. It helps general contractors, subcontractors, and construction businesses create, manage, and track invoices related to their services and supplies.

Construction invoice software is designed to address the unique invoicing needs of the construction industry. Here are the key features:

  1. Customizable Invoice Templates: Allows the creation of detailed and branded invoices specific to construction projects.

  2. Automatic Calculations: Auto-calculates totals, taxes, and discounts to ensure accuracy.

  3. Progress Billing: Supports invoicing based on project milestones or completion percentages.

  4. Retention Tracking: Manages amounts withheld (retentions or holdbacks) until specific project phases or completion.

  5. Change Order Management: Captures and bills for any changes or additional tasks outside the initial contract.

  6. Expense Tracking: Monitors and bills project-related expenses.

  7. Integration with Other Software: Syncs with accounting tools, project management platforms, or CRM systems for seamless data flow.

  8. Document Attachment: Allows attachments like contracts, receipts, or work logs to invoices.

  9. Payment Reminders & Tracking: Automates reminders for unpaid invoices and keeps track of payments.

  10. Reporting Tools: Provides financial reports on invoicing status, outstanding payments, and other metrics.

  11. Client Portal: Offers clients a platform to view, download, and pay invoices online.

  12. Multi-currency & Tax Support: Allows billing in various currencies and adheres to different tax regulations.

These features streamline the invoicing and payment process, enhance transparency, improve cash flow, and ensure accuracy in billing for construction projects.

Contractors use various methods and tools for invoicing, ranging from traditional paper methods to modern software solutions. Here’s an overview:

  1. Construction Invoice Software: There are tools specifically designed for the construction industry, such as Bauwise, Buildertrend, and Procore. These programs offer progress billing, retention tracking, and change order management features.

  2. Accounting Software: Programs like QuickBooks, FreshBooks, and Xero offer invoicing features tailored for businesses, including contractors. They also provide integrations with other financial tools and reporting capabilities.

  3. Invoice Generators: Online platforms like Invoice Simple, Invoice Ninja, or Zoho Invoice allow contractors to generate, send, and track invoices quickly.

  4. Integrated CRM or ERP Systems: Larger contracting firms might use more comprehensive systems integrating invoicing with other business functions like project management, customer relations, and procurement.

  5. Mobile Apps: Many invoicing tools offer mobile apps, enabling contractors to create and send invoices on the go, which is helpful for those often at job sites.

  6. Client Portals: Some advanced systems provide client portals where clients can view, manage, and pay their invoices online.

  7. Word Processors: Software like Microsoft Word or Google Docs can be used with invoice templates to create and print invoices.

  8. Spreadsheets: Tools like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets can be used to create and track invoices. They allow for customized invoice templates and basic calculations.

  9. Handwritten Invoices: Some smaller contractors or those who prefer traditional methods may still write invoices by hand using pre-printed invoice books. 

When selecting an invoicing method or tool, contractors should consider factors like the size of their business, the complexity of their projects, their budget, and their personal preferences for usability and integration with other systems.

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