Construction budget management software that helps your project team manage project finances to increase profits and reduce costs.

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Subcontractor Management Software

Our construction subcontractor management software simplifies the entire process, giving you total control and efficiency over every construction project. With our automated processes, managing subcontractors is easier than ever before.

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Improve performance

The software also provides powerful analytics tools that offer insight into current and past projects so businesses can monitor any areas where improvements can be made or see where they’re succeeding. This helps ensure that businesses remain compliant while giving them real-time feedback on how their processes are performing so they can make more informed decisions in the future about how best to manage their subcontracting operations going forward.

Increase visibility and profit margins

Get visibility into every aspect of your subcontracting process – from onboarding new subcontractors to monitoring their performance over time – so you can make better decisions about which subcontractors are best suited for your projects. Grow your profits and eliminate margin loss, rework, and missed change orders.

Track subcontractor activities

Simplify the process of tracking subcontractor data by automatically keeping everything organized in one secure central location. This helps save time by eliminating the need for tedious manual data entry while providing advanced features like automated contract management and reporting capabilities so business owners can stay up to date with all their subcontractor activities quickly and easily.

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All-in-one subcontractor management software

Bauwise allows users to easily manage and track subcontractor data in one secure, centralized location. It offers advanced features, such as automated contract management, automated document control, detailed reporting and analytics, and customizable templates that make it easy to customize subcontracts without the hassle of manual data entry.

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Streamlined contract signing with subcontractors

  • Select the work from the budget that you want to add to the contract.
  • Fill in the contract with the necessary information.
  • Determine the amount to be taken from the budget and determine the cost of the work.
  • If the subcontractor’s quotation is more detailed than two lines, adding more lines to the contract is possible.
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Track Project Timelines and Budgets

Managing subcontractors is just one piece of the puzzle. You also need to ensure that projects stay on track and within budget. With Bauwise, you can easily monitor project timelines and budgets in real time.

Our platform lets you set project milestones and track progress as your subcontractors complete their tasks. You can also monitor your budget and expenses, ensuring that your project stays profitable.

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Track all of your subcontractor projects

Seamlessly track all of your subcontractor projects with Bauwise’s subcontractor management software, whether you’re working on one large project or multiple projects at once. Jump between multiple projects and manage all tasks remotely. Return to finished or archived projects at any time.

  • Track and manage all your subcontractor job documentation, history, activities, approvals, costings, work orders, and compliance documents in one place.
  • Watch all subcontracts and purchase orders related to the projects in one view.
  • Filter contracts and purchase orders according to their status.
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Improve internal communication

With smoother communication and digital documentation, you can easily search and find what you need without digging through the files. You will find out exactly what the subcontractor did at the construction site at specific times, and you have data to prove it.

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Customizable templates

With customizable templates included in the software package, users can create customized contracts without needing to start from scratch each time a new project comes along – saving both time and money in the long run while ensuring accuracy across all legal documents.

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Can I start using Bauwise with an already-running project?

Yes, you can! Just contact the Bauwise team, and we will help you.

Can I import my budget from Excel?

Bauwise has several options for importing your budget. The easiest way is to copy and paste from any spreadsheet.

Is there a way to get actuals linked with the budget?

Bauwise offers features like Invoice management, importing actual transactions from Excel, or Integration with Accounting software.

Can My Accounting Be Linked Wiht Bauwise?

The short answer is yes, but it depends!
Our team has a lot of experience with different integrations. Reach out to us, and let’s look at the options.

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See for yourself how simple and efficient can construction budget management software be.

The typical learning time is just two sessions, while our software can save you up to 4 workdays per month.

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