Construction budget management software that helps your project team manage project finances to increase profits and reduce costs.

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Construction Cash Flow Forecasting Software

Project cash flow precisely 3-6 months in advance so you can plan large projects, know the best time to make payments, and see potential cash flow changes.

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Keep your business profitable

Invest in new equipment or expand your business development team without breaking the financial balance. Cash flow forecasting software helps you determine if you can reinvest in your business and take on new projects. Identify issues early on and see every cash flow detail with our cash flow forecasting software.

Keep track of expenses

Monitoring a business’s cash flow is essential to keep track of expenses. Ensure that enough money flows in regularly to support the business—study cash flow each month with our reports which help you identify and plan for significant expenses. See what makes up your costs, and ensure you have enough cash to make all payments on time.

Maintain positive cashflow

Being in positive cash flow refers to a healthy and profitable business. Our cash flow forecasting software helps you to understand where your money comes and goes so that you don’t have any difficulties when it’s time to make payments. With us, you can be sure that despite the frequent changes in construction work prices and materials, you will have enough cash to respond to that.

construction cash flow management software

Cash flow statement for construction

Analyzing cash flow statements can help your construction company understand potential cash outflows and inflows. An accurate cash flow statement for construction projects will help your business anticipate problems and generate more revenue. Get detailed insight into the company’s cash flow anytime, anywhere.

  • Create a cash flow statement for a construction project to find out if it is profitable.
  • Determine whether the project is financially feasible and worth its time.
  • A cash flow diagram provides an overview of cash inflows and outflows to determine whether a project is profitable.
  • Ensure cash flow accuracy and that your business is always economically stable.
  • Estimate project costs and revenue and when that income will be realized.
  • Identify the resources needed to complete the work.
construction cash flow management software

Stay efficient with automated cash flow management software

Simplify the complexity of cash flow management across multi-business enterprises with an automated solution. Easily monitor your company’s cash flow in real-time and reduce forecasting time from days to minutes and free up more time for analysis.

  • Automatically forecast your income and expenses to see if you have enough cash in your account.
  • Create different scenarios with just a few clicks to see the impact of cost overruns on your cash flow.
  • Easily adjust the expected due dates of expected payments to see their effect on your cash balance.
  • Eliminate manual data entry and increase the accuracy of your cash flow forecasts.
construction cash flow table view

Increase Cash Flow Visibility

Centralize all your data sources into a single intuitive dashboard. Don’t get lost in clunky spreadsheets; use our Gantt or table view on your terms and easily make decisions based on the data. This gives you everything you need for better cash visibility, all in one place.

  • View your construction project’s current cash flow status and see where your business is heading.
  • Say no to manual cash flow analysis in Excel.
  • Synchronize and categorize all your cash flows.
  • Drill down into line item level and use system filters to create estimates at any cost code, project phase, or project type level.
  • See you your past, present, and future cash flow.
construction cash flow management software

Keep your suppliers happy

Accurate cash flow forecasting will prepare you for future and serious discussions with your stakeholders. You need to know when you are over or under budget to adjust your forecast. Pay on time, every time, and maintain your reputation with the best suppliers. Cover cash shortages and ensure that your bank balance is good enough to pay all your expenses on time.

  • Pay your staff and contractors on time and in full.
  • Maintain good relationships with your suppliers.
  • Manage your cash flow as a team by sharing your dashboards in real time with your manager, CFO, accountant, and finance partners.
construction cash flow portfolio

Track cash flow portfolio forecasts in one place

  • Use a single dashboard to track approved sales and purchase invoices for your entire portfolio.
  • Get a clear overview of how much you need to pay for a specific period or job and plan your cash flow accordingly.
  • Track your project’s monthly cash flow.
  • Check whether project revenues exceed budget from a single dashboard.
  • Notice immediately if the monthly approved costs exceed the project’s revenues in the portfolio.
  • See which customers pay on time and which are late.
construction cash flow management software

Cash flow forecasts for construction projects

Cash flow projections are critical to any construction project, and accurate forecasts help you predict your cash needs several months in advance. Estimates for each project reduce the risk of the project going over budget, and Bauwise makes it easy to manage your company’s cash flow and create project-by-project forecasts.

  • Determine your cash flow needs by budget, revenue, expenses, or commitments to ensure feasible projections.
  • Create accurate forecasts and see planned and actual spending to understand how much money your business has.
  • Anticipate cash flow problems before project completion.
  • Estimate project costs accurately.

Accurate cashflow predictions

Bauwise predicts your future receipts and payments using assumptions from your previous accounting data allowing you to make crucial decisions. Anticipate how a new project might affect your cash flow if the project gets delayed or faces difficulties on the road.

  • Quickly and easily create cash flow projections that look far into the future.
  • Get accurate predictions based on previous project payments.
  • Understand changes in upcoming cash flow expectations and confidently identify the source of those changes in seconds.
  • Use the data you already have to understand trends better and verify existing cash projections.
construction cash flow management software

Accurate cash flow planning

Planning cash flow is critical for contractors to anticipate potential cash flow dips at any time during the project lifecycle. Determine where payments will exceed incoming revenue to negotiate payment options with the client.

  • Understand future cash requirements and determine project feasibility and timelines to effectively plan your budget.
  • Understand whether you can purchase new equipment, hire new employees, bid on the project, and pay your suppliers on time.
  • Create multiple versions which allow you to compare past cash flows with current ones and update actual costs as they arrive.

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