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Construction Purchase Order Software

Gain better accuracy, speed, visibility, and control of your purchase order management with the Bauwise automated purchase order system.

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Unleash Boundless Management with Bauwise

Empower yourself to create and manage purchase orders from anywhere, anytime with Bauwise’s advanced purchase order software. Be the first to know when your orders have been approved or rejected, and keep a real-time tab on their fulfillment. Experience unparalleled control over the entire procurement process, right from creation to payment, from the convenience of any device.

Comprehensive Construction Purchase Order Solution

Revolutionize your construction project management with Bauwise. Our all-in-one platform enables your teams to create, issue, link, and manage the entire lifecycle of purchase orders seamlessly. Experience an unmatched level of integration that no other software in the market can provide. Simplify the complex, connect the dots, and bring everything under one umbrella for efficient and effective purchase order management in the construction industry.

Simplified and Unified Purchase Orders Process

Take charge of your construction project’s purchase orders with Bauwise. We offer a single, unified platform for your team to handle all purchasing needs, minimizing errors, confusion, and time wastage. Our robust, easy-to-use software is designed with the complexities of the construction industry in mind. Streamline your purchase orders, keep a finger on the pulse of your project, and ensure that everything is under control with Bauwise.

construction purchase order creation

Easy purchase order creation

Skip the time, hassle, and chance of double-entry errors. Create purchase orders directly from your bids or budget with just a few clicks.

  • Automatically book the items from your budget and send the purchase order to your suppliers with one click.
  • Eliminate double-entry by creating purchase orders using previously entered data from your forecast or RFQ line items.
  • Create new purchase orders from scratch for one-off items.
construction purchase order management

Track construction purchase orders

Maximize profits by using our purchase order software to track and manage your construction costs.

  • See how much of the budget is already taken up by purchase orders and how much is still free – track which areas are consistently going over budget.
  • See the progress of each purchase order and check how much has been received already.
  • Compare the invoice against the purchase order to see whether the prices and quantity are correct.
  • Easily track the billed and delivered quantity so you and your team are always on the same page.
construction purchase orders

Manage purchase orders effortlessly

Purchase order management software for the construction industry helps your company manage orders placed with suppliers. The software tracks your orders and records the supplier’s invoice. The system makes it easy to view and manage orders by displaying the status of each order.

  • Quickly view if an order is outstanding, received, invoiced, or not.
  • Keep up with committed costs and purchase order status at a glance.
  • Sort inquiries by criteria, including order, contract, supplier, buyer, and date.
  • These order lines can also display the order value/quantity and the quantity received.
  • Save purchase orders for easy integration with billing invoices.
construction purchase order committing and approving

Committing and approving

As part of the commitment process, purchase orders can be submitted through a multi-step approval workflow, including team members and internal and external stakeholders.

  • Bauwise offers built-in purchase confirmation for purchase orders.
  • Purchase orders can go through multiple revisions to reflect changes ranging from quantity, terms, rates, additions, and subtractions.
  • After review, you can submit a confirmation via workflow to make changes to the purchase order.
  • You can set approval thresholds for your employees and management hierarchy during setup.
  • Purchase orders can be sent for e-signature when they are signed.
construction purchase orders

Automated purchase order processing

With Bauwise purchase order software, you can track what you ordered, when it should arrive, and how much it will cost. It automates and simplifies all purchasing procedures and allows you to cover material and other costs.

  • Create and send purchase orders to suppliers and subcontractors from one place.
  • Get quicker purchase agreement approvals, so your construction project will stay on track.
  • Send purchase orders automatically through email and track communication with trade partners to keep your construction projects organized.
  • Save time by adding previously entered specifications or financial data to new purchase orders.
construction purchase order pdf

Keep jobs moving with faster purchase orders

Bauwise cloud-based purchase order software automates your unique workflows and accelerates purchase requisitions, orders, and approvals. Reduce spending through better purchasing visibility and accountability.

  • Electronically generate and send purchase orders to suppliers and subcontractors.
  • Track order delivery, progress, and completion, along with progress billing and payments.
  • Connect your purchase orders with cash management, accounts payable, and inventory so you don’t enter the same information twice.
  • Issue all your project purchase orders and subcontracts in a centralized, collaborative platform.
construction purchase order management

Improve your purchase order process

With real-time data at a glance, Bauwise purchasing software allows your team to focus on making the right purchasing decisions.

  • Update your purchase order status, track vendor invoices, and payments, and integrate with your accounting system to provide your accountant with an easy reconciliation process.
  • Increase financial visibility by running reports to quickly see where construction project purchase orders stand at any given time.
  • Calculate the purchase order variance, the difference between the initial and final price.
  • Link your purchase orders to project budget change orders.

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Can I start using Bauwise with an already-running project?

Yes, you can! Just contact the Bauwise team, and we will help you.

Can I import my budget from Excel?

Bauwise has several options for importing your budget. The easiest way is to copy and paste from any spreadsheet.

Is there a way to get actuals linked with the budget?

Bauwise offers features like Invoice management, importing actual transactions from Excel, or Integration with Accounting software.

Can My Accounting Be Linked Wiht Bauwise?

The short answer is yes, but it depends!
Our team has a lot of experience with different integrations. Reach out to us, and let’s look at the options.

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