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Easily create and manage all your contracts in one place. Gain transparency in your contracts, enabling better analysis and more intelligent decision-making by project teams. Stay on top of contract progress and ensure the profitability of your projects.

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Understand your contract status

By looking at the original contract value, you can immediately understand where your project stands. See how approved change orders, commitments, and contract changes affect the total contract value. Keep your contracts centrally and systematically organized so that nothing gets missed and you are fully aware of anything related to them. Also, take a look at our construction management software!

All-in-one contract management

Contract management is the basis for the successful completion of construction projects. Manage your contracts, ensure compliance, reduce costs, identify risks early, and improve collaboration. Streamline the process and help your team manage multiple agreements in real time with our construction contract management software.

Keep your contracts in one place

At the heart of every project are the contracts on which the project is based. Keep track of all your crucial project contracts and information in one place and control who has access to it. See your contract status at a glance, and you will never have to wonder about your contract status ever again.

construction contract management software

Track and Manage the Construction Contract Lifecycle

From the pre-contract stage to post-contract execution and award, Bauwise contract management software gives you a seamless way to track the status of your contracts. Gain complete visibility throughout the contract process’s lifecycle and keep projects moving forward. Understand unique project variables and monitor the contract’s entire life cycle progress.

  • Track the impact of cost and schedule changes on the contract in real time.

  • Manage and track change orders, payment requests and confirmations, chargebacks, project changes, and contract closeouts in one view.

  • Manage contract workflows from start to finish, from subcontractor and supplier selection through contract closeout.

  • Track project tasks and subcontractor progress against the contract and manage key documentation.

  • Track your contract progress, approval workflows, and deadlines from a single dashboard.

Discover Bauwise construction project management software.

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Manage and Store All Construction Contracts in One Place

Create, store, and manage contracts from one place. Free yourself from manual contract management and see how your projects evolve. Replace files, folders, and spreadsheets with construction contract management software, which provides you with one source of truth. Stay up to date with your contracts and stay on top of critical information about your project’s financial status.

  • Create and manage contracts for all your clients and subcontractors.
  • Compare contracts with project budgets.
  • See which contracts are active and which have been completed.
  • Organize contracts by name, status, due date, contract ID, tenant, or budget.
  • Get unlimited cloud storage for your construction contracts and access them from anywhere, at any time.
  • Set up a contract structure and effectively manage projects across multiple teams and locations.
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Contract Creation Functionalities

Create contracts and projects directly on the platform. Use contract templates and pre-built workflows created by contract authors, or set up your arrangements from scratch using our convenient editor features. Contract creation functionality is carefully developed to meet all contractual requirements, speeding up and simplifying the contract management process for construction companies of all sizes.

  • When you create a contract, you can link all relevant documents within it, including plans and drawings, specifications, appendices, amendments, and any other required elements.
  • Construct and prepare contract content for future applications.
  • Easily create industry-specific terms and conditions for smooth contract execution.
  • Send contracts digitally for approval and get them signed electronically.
construction contract management software

Automate Construction-Related Contract Operations

Automatically upload all your contracts to Bauwise and link them with the proper project budget, invoices, and progress reports.. Generate a contract document in seconds and keep track of vital commercial records by attaching them to contracts.

  • Each time an expense or progress report is entered, Bauwise automatically updates the contract and issues an alert if the dates don’t match or the invoice doesn’t add up.
  • If subcontractors require advance payment, include this information in the contract and have the subcontractor automatically infer it from each progress report.
  • Automatically keep track of your contract retainages and prepayments.
  • Review contracts, avoid automatic rollovers, and replace manual management with automated systems.
  • Speed up the approval process on contract documents.
construction contract profit forecast

Track Contract Performance

Track the performance of unlimited contracts in real time using this construction contract management software. Keep everything interlinked with the budget and ensure your projects evolve according to agreements.

  • Measure your contract performance and track contracts with real-time reporting through profit and revenue forecast, total commitments, profit by actuals, and change orders.

  • Get an overview of subcontractor activities and the status of your contract from all angles.

  • Compare the original contract price with the total contract price and monitor the payment terms.

  • Enforce compliance with terms and conditions by tracking the performance throughout the contract lifecycle.

construction contract management software

Reduce Construction Contract-Related Risks

View all your construction contracts in one central location to reduce costs and the risk of your construction projects. With our construction contract management software, you can gain more control and visibility by tracking issues in your contracts.

  • Empower your team to implement measures to prevent or adjust contract value changes.
  • Eliminate labor-intensive and error-prone contract processing.
  • Significantly improve cost savings and efficiency while mitigating risk, reducing defaults, and increasing compliance.
  • Reduce risk on any project with secure and reliable reminders.
  • Complete projects on time and within budget using automated contract management tools.
construction contract reminders

Construction Contract Reminders

Construction contracts have many important dates to keep track of, and late completion of projects often results in penalties. Get smart reminders to notify you of important dates in your construction contract and keep your team on track.

  • Accelerate transactions and monitor contract deadlines.
  • Set up reminders for any event in the contract lifecycle.
  • Get e-mail alerts when an important deadline or event is coming up.
  • Stay informed when it’s time for an inspection or contract renewal.
  • Track contract reminders to suppliers and contractors from a single system and monitor deadlines to ensure progress stays on schedule.
Construction customer relationships

Increase Collaboration

Use our powerful construction contract management software to increase your capacity to take on projects. Allow every team member to collaborate and efficiently manage the contract management process. Improve relationships between contracting parties by clearly defining and managing payment terms, obligations, and performance guidelines for each contract.

  • Bring client and contractor teams closer to create a more productive and collaborative environment.

  • Increase day-to-day efficiency by collaborating with all team members and clients in a single platform.

  • Control permission levels to limit access and viewing rights for different team members.

  • Streamline the tracking and distributing of contract documents, change orders, and payment applications.

construction ERP software

Integration with Other ERP Systems

Integrate with other management and financial software to gain insight into your company’s overall performance. Submit and receive payments, communicate more efficiently, and automate document workflows. Easily create custom contracts and engage subcontractors and vendors.

Discover Bauwise construction management software.


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Construction contract management software is a digital tool designed to help construction professionals manage, track, and administer contracts throughout a project’s lifecycle. It centralizes and automates many aspects of contract administration, ensuring compliance, mitigating risks, and improving efficiency.

Key features of construction contract management software typically include:

  1. Contract Creation: Allows users to draft contracts, often with customizable templates suited for various construction scenarios.
  2. Document Management: Stores, organizes, and provides easy retrieval of contract-related documents, like drawings, specifications, and appendices.
  3. Change Order Tracking: Helps manage and document changes to the original contract, ensuring all parties are aligned and changes are correctly priced and documented.
  4. Milestone and Payment Tracking: Tracks project crossroads and ties them to payment schedules, ensuring timely payments based on project progress.
  5. Compliance and Approval Workflows: Streamlines the approval process for contracts and change orders, often with digital signature capabilities.
  6. Notifications and Alerts: Notifies users of upcoming deadlines, required approvals, or other contract-related actions.
  7. Version Control: Ensures all parties work with the most up-to-date contract versions, preventing discrepancies and misunderstandings.
  8. Dispute Resolution: Provides tools or methods to address disagreements or issues related to contract terms or project execution.
  9. Integration: Often integrates with other construction management software or systems, such as project management, accounting, or procurement platforms.
  10. Security: Secure contracts and related data with access controls and encryption.


Using construction contract management software can significantly reduce administrative burdens, increase transparency, enhance collaboration, and ensure that all involved parties meet contractual obligations.

A construction contract outlines the agreement between the client (or owner) and the contractor, defining the work to be done, the payment terms, and other key conditions. The five essential elements of a construction contract are:

  1. Offer and Acceptance: This is the basic principle of any contract. One party (usually the client) makes an offer, and the other party (the contractor) accepts it. Both parties must mutually agree on the terms.
  2. Consideration: This refers to what each party will give or do in exchange for the contract’s benefits. In construction, this typically involves the contractor agreeing to provide labor, materials, and services while the client agrees to provide payment.
  3. Intention to Create Legal Relations: Both parties must intend for the contract to be legally binding. This means they expect legal consequences if either party breaches the contract’s terms.
  4. Capacity and Legality: The parties involved must be legally able to enter into a contract (e.g., they are of legal age and mentally competent). Additionally, the contract’s terms and the work described must be legal. For instance, a warranty for illegal construction activities would be void.
  5. Certainty of Terms: The contract must clearly and completely describe the scope of work, the payment terms, the timeline, and other key details. Ambiguities can lead to disputes, so all terms must be explicitly defined.


Considering these five elements, a well-structured construction contract provides a solid foundation for the project, ensuring clarity, managing expectations, and offering a framework for resolving potential disputes.

Managing a construction contract is essential for ensuring the successful completion of a project on time and within budget while minimizing disputes. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Understand the Contract: Before any work begins, thoroughly review and understand all contract terms, including scope, payment terms, schedules, and other obligations.
  2. Effective Communication: Ensure open and continuous communication with all stakeholders—owners, contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers.
  3. Documentation: Maintain meticulous records of all activities. This includes progress reports, correspondence, change orders, payment records, and any issues that arise.
  4. Change Order Management: Any changes to the original scope should be documented through change orders, outlining the new work, associated costs, and time implications. Ensure the relevant parties sign all change orders.
  5. Monitor Progress: Regularly track and compare project progress against the contract’s timeline and budget. Address any delays or cost overruns as they arise.
  6. Quality Control: Ensure work adheres to the specified standards and regulations. Regular inspections can help identify and rectify subpar work early.
  7. Payment Management: Adhere to the payment schedule outlined in the contract. Verify all work and purchases before releasing payments. Use a retention strategy, if applicable, where a payment percentage is withheld until final project acceptance.
  8. Dispute Resolution: In case of disagreements, refer to the contract’s dispute resolution clause. It might involve negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or litigation.
  9. Contract Modifications: If the need arises to modify any contract terms, do so in writing and ensure all relevant parties approve.
  10. Compliance: Ensure that all aspects of the project adhere to local codes, regulations, and any other legal or contractual requirements.
  11. Closeout: Once the project is complete, ensure all contractual obligations are fulfilled before formally closing the contract. This includes final inspections, releasing retainage payments, and obtaining necessary warranties or guarantees.
  12. Use Contract Management Software: Consider using contract management software to automate and streamline many of these processes. Such software can help track progress, document changes, and ensure contract terms compliance.


By proactively managing a construction contract, you can ensure the smooth execution of a project, safeguarding against potential issues and disputes.

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