Construction management software

Construction budget management, cost control, forecasting and change orders

Construction budgeting use cases

Real-time budget management

Get real-time accounting data to compare forecasts vs actuals. Visually track all budget changes and see how they’re affecting your bottom line.

Effortless forecasting

Project managers can effortlessly enter and update the project forecast and commitments, which simultaneously produces essential information in terms of cash flow planning.

Easy budget import

Copy and paste your existing budget from any spreadsheet to Bauwise budgeting tool. Flexible budget encoding and access management supports your processes.

Construction management key features

Budgeting for construction management

Managing and staying within the construction project budget is crucial for your project team. Bauwise construction management software gives you great flexibility and full control over your budget. Our construction budgeting software allows you to easily update forecasts and track expenses, such as the rising cost of raw materials, reworks, waste on a construction site, overspending, and scope changes. This provides you with a clear picture of how different factors are affecting your project’s bottom line. In addition, you will be equipped with a number of financial indicators that allow monitoring of planned budgets vs actual results from the accounting system – in real time.

Subcontractor contract management and commitments

Bauwise construction budgeting software allows you to view committed budget and uncommitted works at a glance, by allowing to add all the details for subcontractor contracts, change orders and related self paid expenses (subtracted costs), which is a must-have functionality for general contractors. Assign a budget line or part of a budget line to contracts with subcontractors. Know exactly how much work you have already contracted and how much is remaining. Always be aware of the agreed committed price, subcontractor bills and outstanding amounts to pay. Get a report on how much work each subcontractor has been assigned on your project.

Cost control and job costing

Our construction cost management software enables to track in real-time financial indicators, for example, profit percentage, a comparison between initial budget and actual costs from accounting or the difference between the initial budget and subcontractor price. Our construction job costing allows you to account different type of costs under one work, like materials, labor and other types of cost, to form a most accurate picture of individual work total cost. Bauwise invoice allocation and approval tool makes the construction job costing process easy and reduces the risk of mistakes and double work. Visually observe negative values in the budget, such as budget overruns or a higher than planned forecast. To simplify this, you can choose whether or not to display each indicator, so that you only use the ones you require.


Bauwise construction budgeting tool helps you with a construction forecasting by easily allowing to update the budget lines with corrections and add comments about any changes. See how your forecast influences the works and overall project result. Open a log of all changes and make as many adjustments as you need.

Change management

Our change order management permits you to keep a constant eye on all changes made in the budgeting tool, such as extra work added, altered forecasts, or activities in costs registration. Manage the visual settings for changes, such as seeing all extra work in a different color, or highlighting comments on changes and then later on getting a full overview in the changelog journals.

Simple Gantt Chart

View all your budget lines in a simplified Gantt chart. Easily move lines within the Gantt chart, make them shorter or longer, split works into smaller works without changing lines in the budget, view your project schedule, and manage every project phase separately for easier handling and convenience.

Like budgeting in Excel

Simply copy and paste your budget from any spreadsheet – such as Excel – to Bauwise. Easily restructure it, for example by dividing budget lines into unlimited new lines within the initial budget or creating sub-rows for any budget line. A project can be divided into multiple sub-projects or phases and summarised in one unified dashboard. For ease of usability, you can modify the table view by choosing to hide or display columns.

Project team permissions

Use flexible options to set access rights for your team – at a system, project or subproject level. Set who can import budgets, confirm costs, delete comments etc. Rights can either be managed by the site administrator or set up by the provider in special cases.

Contact management

Add companies and their requisites, payment terms, related persons, and attach contracts and save other valuable information about your partners, suppliers, and subcontractors.

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