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Revolutionize construction with Bauwise’s general contractor software. From job costing to subcontractor management, achieve unmatched precision.

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Comprehensive Financial Oversight

Bauwise's general contractor software ensures detailed expense tracking, capturing every financial detail from significant project milestones to minor outlays. It boasts enhanced cash flow management capabilities, allowing you to consistently forecast, monitor, and regulate your project's financial flows. Moreover, with precise job costing, you can effortlessly compare projected budgets against real-time expenses, ensuring your projects align with financial estimates and remain profitable.

Streamlined Process Management

Bauwise stands out in offering efficient subcontractor coordination. Every step, from onboarding to assigning tasks and evaluating deliverables, is seamless, promoting timely project deliveries. The platform's transparent contract administration means that every contract detail is meticulously logged from creation to any subsequent modifications. Additionally, Bauwise simplifies handling invoices and purchase orders, minimizing administrative burdens and reducing potential errors, ensuring swifter approvals and adjustments.

Enhanced Decision-Making Tools

Bauwise's dynamic dashboards provide insights through real-time data visualization, positioning you to make informed decisions at every project juncture. The software's proactive change order management ensures that all project alterations are recorded and processed systematically, aligning with project objectives and budgetary constraints. Further complementing this is Bauwise's intuitive reporting, which offers detailed visual insights into cash flows, pay applications, and job costs, enabling strategic planning and timely course corrections.

construction budget forecasting software

Construction Project Budget Management

Navigating the complexities of construction projects requires robust financial tools, and Bauwise’s general contractor software stands out as the gold standard for budget management. With Bauwise, users can easily track every expenditure, ensuring no cost goes unnoticed. Its dynamic dashboards offer a real-time view of the financial health of a project, eliminating surprises and allowing for proactive budget adjustments. Whether you’re dealing with changes, payments, or forecasts, Bauwise seamlessly integrates all financial data into one accessible platform. Plus, with multi-currency and multi-company features, Bauwise is tailored for global operations.



In the ever-evolving construction world, staying on top of costs is paramount. Bauwise’s general contractor software provides an unmatched solution for this challenge. It enables construction professionals to track every expense down to the minutest detail diligently, ensuring no financial oversight. This general contractor software transparentizes project costs, streamlining decision-making and preventing budget overruns. The software’s state-of-the-art features guarantee that nothing slips through the cracks, whether it’s an unexpected expenditure or planned costs.

In-depth Cost-Tracking

construction project change order list

Construction Change Order Management

Managing change orders in the construction industry can be a complex endeavor. However, Bauwise’s general contractor software makes navigating these changes more streamlined and efficient. Our software equips contractors with the tools to process, approve, and monitor change orders effortlessly, ensuring that project timelines and budgets remain on track. Every alteration is recorded meticulously, guaranteeing transparency and accountability throughout construction. No longer do contractors need to grapple with the uncertainties of change; the Bauwise general contractor software offers a systematic and organized approach to change order management, fostering consistency and accuracy in every project update.

customized construction invoice

Invoice Management

Efficient invoice management is crucial for successful construction projects, and Bauwise’s general contractor software is crafted to address this need impeccably. Our software transforms the way contractors handle, track, and approve invoices. An intuitive interface facilitates quick invoice creation, seamless adjustments, and rapid approvals, ensuring that all financial transactions remain transparent and traceable. Bauwise’s general contractor software also minimizes errors, ensuring every invoice aligns with project specifics and contractual agreements. 


construction purchase orders

Purchase Order Management

In the intricate realm of construction, managing purchase orders effectively is vital. Bauwise’s general contractor software is the premier solution for this task. With our platform, contractors can effortlessly initiate, track, and adjust purchase orders, ensuring alignment with project requirements and budgetary constraints. Every order is meticulously documented, offering a transparent view of procurement processes and financial commitments. The general contractor software also significantly reduces administrative burdens and potential errors, guaranteeing a smooth and consistent purchase order workflow.

contractor payment application

Easy Pay Application Management

Construction projects demand precise financial tracking, especially regarding pay applications. Bauwise’s general contractor software is the optimal tool to manage this crucial process. Contractors utilizing our software can swiftly create, submit, and monitor pay applications, ensuring that each payment aligns with work completed and adheres to contractual terms. The streamlined interface offers a comprehensive overview of all pay applications, aiding in quick approvals and accurate reconciliations. Bauwise’s general contractor software enhances financial accuracy and project trustworthiness by reducing errors and facilitating timely payments.

construction contract management

Contract Management with Bauwise General Contractor Software

In the multifaceted construction world, contract management is a cornerstone of successful project execution. Bauwise’s general contractor software is meticulously designed to address the complexities of contract administration. This platform allows contractors to create, review, and modify contracts with utmost precision. The software ensures all terms, conditions, and financial details are transparently documented, minimizing potential disputes and misunderstandings. Additionally, the user-friendly interface of our general contractor software makes it straightforward to track contract progress, amendments, and completions.


construction subcontractor agreement

The role of subcontractors in construction projects is pivotal, and managing them effectively is crucial for timely and successful project delivery. Bauwise’s general contractor software provides an unparalleled solution for subcontractor management, streamlining communications, task assignments, and performance assessments. With our platform, contractors can seamlessly onboard subcontractors, allocate roles, monitor work progress, and evaluate deliverables. The general contractor software ensures all interactions with subcontractors are transparent, organized, and efficient, eliminating potential bottlenecks and enhancing project timelines.

Subcontractor Management with Bauwise

construction cash flow management software

A successful construction project isn’t just about bricks and mortar—it’s also about maintaining a healthy financial backbone. Bauwise’s general contractor software offers a stellar solution for managing cash flow, a critical component in construction finance. Our software provides an intuitive platform where contractors can forecast, monitor, and adjust financial inflows and outflows, ensuring projects run smoothly without liquidity hiccups. Detailed visual reports allow for proactive decision-making, mitigating potential financial pitfalls.

Cash Flow Management


Efficient Job Costing with Bauwise

Determining construction projects’ financial viability and success hinges on accurate job costing. Bauwise’s general contractor software is the definitive tool for this essential task. Our platform lets contractors capture every cost detail, from labor to materials, ensuring that budgetary estimations align with on-ground realities. The real-time tracking and comprehensive reports offered by our general contractor software empower professionals to compare projected costs against actual expenses, facilitating informed decisions and ensuring project profitability.


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General contractor software is designed to assist general contractors and construction managers manage construction projects efficiently. These tools streamline operations, enhance documentation, ensure projects stay on schedule, and help control costs. They typically offer features for project management, cost estimation, scheduling, job costing, document storage, communication, accounting integration, reporting, mobile access, bid management, time tracking, equipment tracking, and compliance. Examples of such software include Procore, BuilderTREND, and CoConstruct. When implemented correctly, these software solutions can increase productivity, reduce errors, and improve profitability in construction projects.

  1. Bauwise: Primarily known for its robust project management and budgeting tools, Bauwise helps contractors efficiently manage their projects, track costs, and maintain budgets streamlined.
  2. Procore: A comprehensive cloud-based construction management platform, Procore offers user-friendly tools covering project management, financials, quality & safety, and field productivity.
  3. BuilderTREND: Catering mainly to home builders and remodelers, this system provides functionalities like customer management, scheduling, and financial management.
  4. CoConstruct: Targeting custom home builders and remodelers, CoConstruct provides solutions for coordinating projects, communicating with clients and crews, and managing finances.
  5. PlanGrid: On-premise and cloud-based, PlanGrid stands out for its digital plan collaboration, catering to general contractors, design teams, and owners.

General contractor software streamlines operations by centralizing project-related details, improving efficiency, and reducing errors. It aids real-time expense monitoring to keep projects within budget and fosters enhanced stakeholder communication. The software facilitates easy management of documents, efficient scheduling, and offers accurate estimation tools. Many solutions provide mobile access, ensuring decisions can be made on the go. Digital tracking boosts accountability, while built-in compliance features ensure adherence to safety standards. Additionally, as construction businesses grow, the software’s scalability ensures it can handle more extensive projects, saving time by automating routine tasks and ultimately enhancing project management and profitability.

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