Construction Job Costing Software

Streamline your job costing and be ahead of time

Construction job costing without hassle

Real-time progress tracking

Get real-time accounting data to compare forecasts vs commitments. Drill into each job cost item with all the details. Daily cost logs will show real completion of the jobs and incurred costs from the field.

Daily cost reporting

Log daily or weekly the all the activities from the construction field. Compare the delivery notes from the suppliers or subcontractors to allocate the purchase invoice with one click. Be ahead of time.

Easy and visual

Visual indicators allow you to discover job cost items that need attention and see the potential risks.

Construction job costing software

Streamlined job tracking tool

Job costing system is a must for every construction business. Without proper job management, your construction project will run fast into budget overruns. Bauwise will automatize and streamline most of the necessary activities of job costing. By creating subcontractor contracts or purchase orders, change orders or variations, will automatically update your forecasts. Bauwise allows you to compare your estimate against the real outcome, track the original budget against the revised budget or the commitments against actuals from accounting. Visual indicators will show the variations and allowing you to dig into all the details. All the data is collected into a project portfolio view to have the bird’s eye view of all your jobs.

Progress and expense tracking

Bauwise helps you to track the progress and discover potential risks. Understand how much from your construction budget is used or covered with commitments. How much money you have spent and how much you have earned. Let the system calculate completion based on accrual accounting, including subcontractor billing or update the completion by observation and knowhow. Accountant and financial managers will get accurate data for monthly reporting by allowing to use of period filters.

Version management

Project managers can easily review and confirm their best knowledge and current status of the project. This creates reliable and comparable versions to understand what has changed previously and allows you to go back into older versions. The project portfolio tool show you who and when somebody has reviewed and confirmed the project data.

Daliy cost log

If you are working with your own labor like civil engineering or heavy construction, you can use our daily job reporting tool to get every day the feedback from the site and track the daily profit. These logs will automatically show the potential cost in your budget and it is a good mechanism to control the purchase invoices when they appear.

Accounting integration

Optional integration with the ERP system will provide automatic data exchange between your accounting system and Bauwise. Using two-way integration, you can start the construction job accounting process form Bauwise or form the ERP system. With one click, the final approver can then post it back to the accounting system. Our software allows you to import invoices from different invoice digitization tools.

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