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Bauwise gives customers the power and flexibility to make billing simple and convenient. Get paid faster and maximize profitability with Bauwise intelligent construction billing software.

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Streamlined Billing Management and Cost Oversight

When you use Bauwise, you’re arming yourself with a tool that ensures you have full oversight over your construction billing process. Our software goes beyond invoicing, providing a real-time snapshot of your financial activities. The value? No more missing invoices or unrecorded expenses. Every single financial detail is meticulously logged and conveniently accessible.

Cash Flow Like Never Before

Imagine a world where late payments are a thing of the past and cash flow headaches are no more. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, that’s the reality with our Construction Billing Software. It’s not just about simplifying billing; it’s about making your business healthier. Our software sends out automatic payment reminders, tracks every invoice in real-time, and adjusts to different contract types.

Unparalleled Transparency and Collaboration

Our Construction Billing Software is more than just a tool for managing bills. It’s a hub for your team to collaborate, share, and access crucial invoice information. Think of it as a digital conference room, open 24/7, where everyone involved in a project can keep tabs on billing, review invoices with a click, and cut down on miscommunication.

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Manage your billing in one place

Track and manage all project invoices in one place. Don’t waste time searching for emails, paper, and spreadsheets. Store and manage all your invoices in Bauwise construction billing software.

  • See the status of each invoice for a given period.
  • Improve invoice routing and approval.
  • Integrate with accounting to get a real-time view of the progress payment status.
  • Save time every month compared to standard spreadsheet billing.
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Simplified and automated subcontractor billing

Reduce your billing burden and simplify the billing process for your customers. Bauwise does all the hard work and ensures that invoices are accurate and that no revenue gets lost. Bauwise construction billing software has unique tools that give contractors peace of mind and maximum profitability.

  • Create professional invoices and track payments to manage your receivables better to get paid faster.
  • Invoice clients based on any contract type and combine multiple invoices in the same project.
  • Create a payment schedule and split invoices into several payment requests.
  • Link all bills to your project budget for full traceability.
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Collect, review, and approve invoices

Forget logging into multiple systems. Simplify invoicing with tools designed to quickly collect, review, and approve invoice amounts in one organized place. Ensure that the invoice amounts match the work completed and that no invoice has been missed.

  • Progressively collect, review, and approve invoices for agreed progress milestones or billing cycles as defined in your commitments.
  • Keep track of your payments and always know which invoices have been paid and which are still outstanding.
  • Get an overview of all the invoices you’ve ever sent and organize them by date, cost, status, and client.
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Customize invoices and send them directly to clients

Customize every part of your invoice as detailed as the specific client or project requires. The Bauwise construction invoice template includes taxes, prices, VAT, and subcontractor details. Complete your construction invoice template and email it directly to your client straight from Bauwise.

  • Adjust your invoice with our customizable templates to make your brand stand out.
  • Add your company logo, design, or project photos to your invoices for a more professional look.
  • In seconds, send a detailed invoice by email directly to your clients through Bauwise.
  • Review and edit your invoices before sending and customizing the email message.
  • Print your invoice or download it as a PDF file.
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Share invoices and create financial transparency

Let your company’s project managers, engineers, and stakeholders upload invoices into Bauwise. Provide your team access to the latest invoice information and eliminate all communication problems and misunderstandings.

  • Improve communication between billing stakeholders so everyone can access the latest information in a format everyone can understand.
  • Send invoices for review to stakeholders with one click whenever necessary to check if they correspond to a purchasing order.
  • Show your clients a summary of all project invoices with amounts and due dates.
construction invoice document management

Up-to-date payment reminders with construction billing software

Set automatic payment reminders for customers when they have upcoming or late payments to increase on-time payments and steady cash flow. With Bauwise construction billing software, you will never forget expenses again.

  • Receive automatic reminders for outstanding payments.
  • Get reminders about your invoices when they are overdue.
  • Send automatic courtesy reminders to subcontractors and vendors to ensure timely invoices are paid.
  • Receive notifications as soon as your customers complete the invoice.

Integrate with accounting software

Automatically sync your invoices with your accounting software to eliminate double entries and keep track of your payments. When invoices are paid in Bauwise, the payment will be reflected automatically in your accounting software, helping to keep your finances in order.


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Construction billing software is a specialized tool designed for the construction industry to manage and facilitate the invoicing and billing processes. Given the unique requirements and complexities of construction projects, this software often incorporates features beyond standard billing functionalities. Here’s what it typically offers:

  1. Progress Billing: Invoicing based on project milestones or completion percentages.
  2. Change Order Management: Tracks adjustments to the initial contract.
  3. Retention Tracking: Manages amounts held back until project criteria are met.
  4. Job Costing Integration: Links invoicing to associated job costs.
  5. Time and Materials Billing: Bills for actual time and resources used.
  6. AIA Billing: Supports standardized billing formats for large projects.
  7. Automated Reminders: Alerts for unpaid invoices or billing milestones.


Contractors and construction firms can use construction billing software to ensure accurate, timely, and efficient billing, aligning with construction projects’ specific dynamics and requirements.

Using construction billing software offers several advantages tailored to the unique demands of the construction industry:

  1. Accuracy: It ensures precise invoicing by aligning costs with project milestones, materials, and labor.
  2. Efficiency: Automates repetitive tasks, reducing manual input and the risk of errors.
  3. Financial Oversight: Gives a clearer view of cash flow and project profitability through integrated job costing.
  4. Regulatory Compliance: Supports standardized billing formats, like AIA, which are essential for many large projects.
  5. Change Management: Easily tracks and bills for changes or adjustments to the original contract.
  6. Improved Cash Flow: Contractors can ensure timely payments and manage retentions effectively with automated reminders.
  7. Centralization: Consolidates all billing-related information in one platform, making data retrieval and reporting more straightforward.


Construction billing software streamlines the invoicing process, ensures accuracy, and improves financial management for construction businesses.

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