Construction Change Order Software

Well organized contract and change orders with bauwise

Construction change orders well organized

Track your change orders

Send out customized PDF form with change order proposals to the client. Track open accepted or rejected change orders.

Track profitabillity

Monitor the profitability of each change order. Add different margin for every change order line item.

Visual in the budget

Easy to visually see all the change order lines under each budget line.

Construction change order software

All change orders well organised

Bauwise helps project managers well organize all change orders in one place. Monitor open, accepted, and rejected change orders. Copy and create variations with one click. Easy to select line items from budget what needs to be changed or add additional line items you didn’t have in the budget. Send out designed PDF documents to your client for review. Add changes to budget with one click after clients acceptance.

Visible in the budget

Bauwise shows all the change order line items under the original budget lines as additional lines, which makes it easy to understand how and what has changed in the budget visually. Project managers can assign these line items to your subcontractor contract or create change orders into subcontractor contracts.

Plan and track the profitability of change orders

The profitability of change orders is always a hassle for project managers. Bauwise allows you to assign change order line items to subcontractor contract and add them to the progress claims. What makes it possible to track the profitability of change orders. All variation line items can have a different margin. Bauwise makes it easy to manage the Developer and end buyer change orders in one budget.

Accounting integration

Optional integration with the ERP system will provide automatic data exchange between your accounting system and Bauwise. Using two-way integration, you can start the construction job accounting process form Bauwise or form the ERP system. With one click, the final approver can then post it back to the accounting system. Our software allows you to import invoices from different invoice digitization tools.

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