Construction cost management software

More than $700,000,000 worth of construction projects managed with Bauwise to date

Budget tracking and cost control for construction projects

Bauwise construction cost management software is the place where project managers and management work together to understand the construction project financial performance and make sure that the project is operating within the agreed budget.

Manage project costs efficiently

Work with an up-to-date budget and monitor all changes to understand how they impact on the project’s profitability.

Track performance

Track the completion, compare projected and committed costs against actual expenses, and indicate budget lines that need attention.

Reduce risks

Avoid going over budget or running out of cash in the middle of a construction project.

Real-time, automated, and collaborative construction cost tracking

Share insights and track actual expense in real-time

Get insights regarding the latest contracts, change orders, commitments and automatically updated budget lines with expenses form the accounting tool or get feedback from built-in daily reporting tool. Our construction job costing software eliminates the need to copy data between spreadsheets or request an updated statement from your accounting department.

Full traceability of changes

Drill down on change logs by cell level to understand why, when and who has made the changes. The construction project team members can view and add detailed comments to every change they make.

Approve purchase invoices online

The project team can allocate purchase invoices from the construction site and get management approval online, what makes the job cost tracking and construction job costing process easier, providing a faster reflection in the construction project budget and prevents over-budget invoices from your suppliers slipping through the net.

Advanced construction cost control tool

Comprehensible and visual KPIs

Provide your team with visibility of the financial status of the project budget with easy and comprehensible KPIs like costs to complete, deviation from the budget and completion of the project.

Manage change orders

Create construction change orders, download them as customised PDFs with your company logo, and send them to the customer for approval. Monitor your change order backlog to avoid overlooking them. Mark the change orders as accepted or rejected, and your budget will be updated automatically.


A project can be divided flexibly into sub-projects or phases, assigned to different team members and summarised into one unified dashboard.

Business level overview

All project numbers in one view

The project portfolio will provide you with a complete overview of all your projects on one page along with the most important KPIs, so you can immediately identify which projects need extra attention, and drill into them to get more detail.


Adjustable and comprehensive reports will give you all the necessary information to understand your business financial performance, such as profitability. No need to dig into multiple Excel files or copy and paste data between them.

Cash flow management

Whether you need extra financing or to make sure your construction projects are not running out of cash, an up to date construction project cash flow plan is crucial. Bauwise construction budgeting software has automated the process, so you will be equipped with this vital information well in advance.

Cost management software for builders and general contractors at any size

Baltic Connector

Baltic Connector is one of Baltics biggest projects of cost around 50 mln EUR.

Arvo Pärt Centre in Laulasmaa

The winning design “Tabula” by a Spanish architecture bureau Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos S.L.P

Library of Tartu University

Reconstruction of Tartu University Library.

Why Bauwise

Easy to start

No installation needed and fast set up. To start using bauwise construction management software just copy and paste your existing budget from any spreadsheet straight to Bauwise. Transparent and simple pricing for teams of all sizes.

Easy to use

Proven and easy workflows, similarities with Excel are making the learning curve short. All inserted data is saved automatically. Accessible from anywhere and any time.

Easy to grow

Bauwise construction cost management software can work as stand-alone and can be integrated along the way with your existing tools such as site management, task management, document management or accounting tools.

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