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Transform your construction management with Bauwise’s cost control software. Dive into a world of precision budgeting, automation, and smooth integrations, turning spreadsheet turmoil into a domain of clear-cut efficiency and command.

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Seamless Navigation & Enhanced Clarity

Dive into a world free from spreadsheet chaos. In the vast construction landscape, where dozens or even hundreds of projects clamor for your attention, Bauwise acts as your anchor. Seamlessly maneuver through contracts, change orders, payment applications, and expenses. Protect your project's financial health from minor spreadsheet glitches that can wreak havoc on your budget.

Tailored & Transparent Budgeting

Power up with Bauwise and watch as your budgeting scales new heights of precision. Crafted for your company's unique operational blueprint, our software lets you delve deep into budgets, offering a clear view of your job cost structures. Stay ahead of the curve with our robust work breakdown structures, enabling you to effortlessly categorize, label, and decipher the financial stories of each project.

Efficiency Meets Innovation

Ever thought contract management could feel like magic? Bauwise makes it happen. Dive deep into the transformative experience of our software, turning contract creation from a tedious chore to a swift, streamlined affair. And there's more! Initiate the automated approval journey with a mere tap, alerting stakeholders quickly and allowing fast reviews and decisions. Say goodbye to bulky paperwork with integrated digital signatures, enhancing operational efficiency tenfold.

construction cost control software

Manage costs with All In One Construction Cost Control Software

Say goodbye to the chaos of messy spreadsheets! The construction world isn’t just about juggling a couple of projects – it’s a whirlwind of dozens or even hundreds, all vying for your attention. But here’s your game changer: Our construction cost control software lets you seamlessly navigate every contract, change order, payment application, and expense. Don’t let a tiny spreadsheet hiccup transform into a colossal financial mishap. Step up, take control, and lead your projects with confidence and clarity. Welcome to construction cost control, upgraded!


Unleash the power of precision budgeting tailored to your company’s unique DNA! Dive deep into project budgets reflecting your exact job cost structure, and then pit project performance against your anticipated revenues and expenses. But it gets even more thrilling: a rock-solid work breakdown structure lets you categorize, tag, and unveil financial tales just as your project narrative unfolds. Want to pull back the curtain on your project’s financial health? Simply give it a click – no tedious report hunts are required. Step into more intelligent project management, where clarity meets simplicity. Welcome to the future of budgeting!

Improve Budget Management with Bauwise Cost Control Tools

Construction contract

Manage Contracts Using Bauwise Cost Control Software

Ready for a game-changer? Dive into Bauwise and watch as our construction cost control software completely transforms your contract creation process. You’ll soon ask yourself, “How did I get by without this magic?” With Bauwise at your fingertips, creating contracts becomes a breeze. Imagine drafting them directly from your budgeted items, turning what was once a tedious task into a streamlined dream.

But the wonders don’t stop there. With just a playful tap, kickstart the automated approval process. Stakeholders in your project instantly get pinged with notifications, enabling them to give a thumbs up (or down) to contracts, wherever they might be. And for the cherry on top? Slide into the world of digital signatures, slashing through paperwork and supercharging your efficiency. 

construction purchase orders

Upgrade Your Purchase Order Management

Step into a new era of efficiency with Bauwise’s construction cost control software. Specifically designed to simplify and streamline your construction processes, our platform lets your team quickly generate and meticulously monitor purchase orders (POs). Once a purchase order is meticulously crafted, its details can be swiftly dispatched to the necessary stakeholders. This integrated system promotes swift digital approval, reducing lag time and ensuring all parties are on the same page. Additionally, with automated tracking and notifications, you’re constantly updated on the status of each PO, ensuring timely actions and responses. Choose Bauwise and experience the revolution in construction cost control.


construction project change order list

In the construction world, adaptability is crucial. It’s not just about facing changes but effectively managing them to safeguard your budget. When your team needs to turn around, quickly create a change order in Bauwise. Stakeholders are automatically notified and see the potential change in the budget before approval. Once approved, your contractor will be notified in real time, and your team will be back on track. Reducing these bottlenecks means less impact on your schedule and budget.

Streamline Change Order Management

Construction invoice scanning

Keep track of Invoices & Pay Applications

In the bustling realm of construction, ensuring financial clarity is paramount. Bauwise’s construction cost control software simplifies this process, empowering you to keep track of invoices and pay applications effortlessly. Whether you’re overseeing a skyscraper’s rise or a residential remodel, every penny counts. Our software allows you to monitor and validate every invoice, aligning costs with project deliverables and budgets. Furthermore, the intuitive integration of pay applications eliminates the stress of financial misalignments. Choose Bauwise and elevate your project’s financial management with the industry’s leading construction cost control software.


Integrate With Accounting Systems

Seamless integration with accounting systems is no longer a luxury but a necessity in today’s fast-paced construction environment. Bauwise’s construction cost control software is meticulously designed to bridge the gap between on-site operations and financial management. With just a few clicks, you can synchronize your project data with leading accounting platforms, ensuring real-time fiscal tracking and unparalleled accuracy. This integration reduces manual entry and potential errors and offers a holistic view of your project’s financial health. Step into the future of construction management with Bauwise’s construction cost control software, where project costs and accounting unite under one robust platform.

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Construction cost control software is a specialized digital tool designed to manage, monitor, and control the costs associated with construction projects. Its primary aim is to ensure that projects are completed within their budget and maximize profitability. The software typically offers features such as budgeting, forecasting, monitoring of expenses, invoicing, integration with accounting systems, and real-time financial reporting. By providing an overview of financial data and enabling real-time tracking, construction cost control software helps project managers, contractors, and other stakeholders identify any discrepancies, potential overruns, or savings opportunities, ensuring that the project stays financially sound.

  1. Budgeting & Forecasting: Users can set project financial parameters and predict future costs.
  2. Real-time Tracking: Provides instant updates on expenditures as they occur, ensuring that users understand their spending against the budget.
  3. Expense Monitoring: Categorizes and tracks different expenses, from labor to materials, to help identify where money is spent.
  4. Invoice Management: Enables users to process, validate, and keep track of incoming and outgoing invoices.
  5. Change Order Management: Helps manage and track project changes that can lead to additional costs, ensuring they’re accounted for and approved.
  6. Integration with Accounting Systems: Allows seamless data transfer between cost control software and accounting platforms, reducing manual data entry and errors.
  7. Reporting & Analytics: Generates detailed financial reports, offering insights into spending trends, potential cost overruns, and areas for savings.

Tracking construction costs is essential for budget management and ensuring the financial success of a project. Here are steps and best practices for tracking construction costs:


  1. Budget Baseline: Begin with a detailed budget breakdown, including all anticipated costs like labor, materials, equipment, permits, and overheads.
  2. Accounting Software: Utilize construction-specific accounting or project management software to input, track, and analyze costs.
  3. Cost Codes: Assign cost codes to different budget categories. This simplifies the process of allocating and tracking expenses.
  4. Regularly Update: As costs are incurred, update the tracking system in real-time. This includes invoices, payroll, materials, and other expenses.
  5. Compare Actual vs. Budgeted: Regularly compare actual expenses to the budgeted amounts. This helps in identifying any variances and taking corrective action early.
  6. Change Orders: Account for any change orders separately and adjust the budget and projections accordingly.
  7. Document Everything: Keep detailed records of all expenditures, including receipts, invoices, and labor costs.
  8. Review Labor Costs: Regularly review the hours worked by staff and compare them to the project’s progress to ensure labor efficiency.
  9. Contingency Fund: Maintain a contingency fund and track its usage. This fund is for unexpected costs, and its utilization should be monitored closely.
  10. Regular Reports: Generate weekly or monthly cost reports to keep stakeholders informed and to ensure transparency.
  11. Cost Forecasting: Based on the current expenditure trend, forecast the expected total cost at completion to manage expectations and make necessary adjustments.
  12. Supplier Negotiations: Periodically review contracts and costs from suppliers or subcontractors. Negotiate for better terms or bulk discounts when possible.
  13. Training: Ensure that team members understand the importance of cost tracking and are trained to use any software or systems.


By diligently tracking construction costs and regularly reviewing the financial status of a project, you can mitigate the risk of cost overruns, make informed decisions, and ensure the project remains profitable.

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