Marge Matkur

Marge Matkur is a customer support manager at Bauwise.

Customer Support Manager

Marge Matkur is the linchpin of customer support at Bauwise, a leading provider of construction management software. As Customer Support Manager, Marge is dedicated to addressing and resolving customer inquiries and concerns with efficiency and expertise.

Expertise in Customer Support and Software Proficiency

Marge’s role involves not only responding directly to customer queries but also effectively coordinating with product managers to ensure that customers’ needs are met. This often includes overseeing the tasks delegated to the product managers and ensuring that the developers are aligned with customer requirements.

Known for her excellent communication skills, Marge is adept at understanding and interpreting customer needs. Her extensive knowledge of the Bauwise software enables her to provide prompt and effective solutions, minimizing effort on the customer’s part and maximizing satisfaction. Her ability to communicate complex technical information in an easily understandable manner is a testament to her skill and dedication to customer service.

Marge Matkur is a customer support manager at Bauwise.

Role at Bauwise

At Bauwise, Marge plays a critical role in maintaining high customer service standards. Her efforts ensure that every client interaction is positive, informative, and solution-oriented. Her dedication to customer support excellence has been instrumental in building strong, lasting relationships between Bauwise and its customers, making her a valued and respected team member. Through her work, Marge continues to uphold Bauwise’s commitment to providing top-tier support and solutions in the construction management software sector.

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