Kairi Rosen

Kairi Rosen is a project manager at Bauwise

Project Manager and Analyst

Kairi Rosen, an accomplished engineer and project manager at Bauwise, stands out as a visionary in digitalizing the construction industry. With a robust construction engineering and management background, her journey is marked by a commitment to integrating digital solutions to enhance business processes and efficiencies.


Kairi’s academic journey began at Tallinn University of Technology, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in Construction Engineering. She further advanced her expertise by obtaining a master’s degree in Construction Management and Engineering from Eindhoven University of Technology. Her passion lies in the digital transformation of the construction sector, a field where she has continually sought to make significant strides.

Current role

Currently, Kairi brings her extensive skills and insights to Bauwise as a Project Manager and Analyst. In this role, she continues to advocate for digital innovation in construction, leveraging her analytical prowess and project management expertise to drive advancements in construction management software solutions. Her work at Bauwise is a testament to her enduring passion for digitalization and her commitment to shaping the future of the construction industry.

Kairi Rosen is a project manager at Bauwise

Previous work experience

Between 2019 and 2022, Kairi played an important role as a Development Manager at Mapri Ehitus, one of Estonia’s largest general construction companies, boasting an impressive annual turnover of 80 million euros. In this position, he helped manage, propose, and implement innovative digital solutions to streamline business processes and improve information flow.

Furthermore, Kairi has been a driving force in promoting Building Information Modeling (BIM) within Estonia. As a founding board member and organizer of the non-profit organization BIMsummit Estonia since 2015, she has worked tirelessly to increase awareness and adoption of BIM technologies in Estonia’s construction and real estate sectors. Under her leadership, BIMsummit Estonia has grown to become the country’s premier BIM and digital construction event.

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