Taavi Kaiv

Taavi Kaiv: Bauwise customer success manager

Customer success manager

Taavi Kaiv stands at the forefront of construction project management, serving as a customer success manager at Bauwise. He is also the entrepreneurial mind behind CO3, a specialized construction consulting company. Taavi’s expertise encompasses a broad spectrum of skills, including team leadership, construction cost control, as well as contract and subcontract management.

Holding a Master’s degree in Construction Management from Taltech (Tallinn University of Technology), Taavi combines his academic insights with over 10 years of practical experience in the field. This extensive experience spans roles such as a construction project manager and director, overseeing various significant construction projects.

In addition to his management skills, Taavi has a rich background in utilizing construction management software tools, like Bauwise, in his roles. His insights and hands-on experience in the construction industry have been instrumental in innovating and enhancing construction software solutions. At Bauwise, Taavi applies this extensive knowledge to improve customer experiences, ensuring clients get the most out of their construction management software. His dual role as a consultant and software expert makes him a valuable asset to the construction industry, driving project successes and technological advancements.

Taavi Kaiv: Bauwise customer success manager

Licenses & certifications

Diploma Civil Engineer in Buildings and Structures, Level 7

  • High Education Qualification
  • Institution: TalTech – Tallinn University of Technology
  • Issued: June 2014
  • Credential ID: E000415
  • See Credential

Chartered Civil Engineer in Buildings and Structures, EstQF level 8

  • Issuing Authority: Estonian Association of Civil Engineers
  • Issued: April 2021
  • Expires: April 2028
  • Credential ID: 167524
  • See Credential


  • Tallinn University of Technology
  • Degree: Master’s in Construction Management
  • Years Attended: 2008 – 2014

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