Mikk Ilumaa

CEO of Bauwise

CEO of Bauwise

Mikk Ikumaa is the founder and CEO of Bauwise. Mikk stands at the nexus of project management, financial management, and construction, driven by an insatiable curiosity and passion for innovation. Early in his career, while working as a site manager for a small construction company, he recognized the immense potential of technology to reshape and optimize the industry. This realization spurred him to conceptualize and create tools tailored specifically for managing financials in construction.

Mikk’s journey into the digital realm began in earnest in 2005 when he started crafting websites dedicated to the construction sector. By 2007, his vision had expanded, and he began developing custom software solutions aimed at honing construction estimating processes and bolstering financial management.

By 2010, Mikk’s innovative solutions caught the attention of prominent civil engineering and road construction companies. Partnering with these giants, he developed project management tools that emphasized financials, delivering tremendous time-saving benefits to the users.

2012 marked another milestone, as Mikk extended his expertise onto the international stage, working with global powerhouses like Locanis AG and Deutsche Telekom. Collaborating with these entities, he masterminded financial planning tools and CRM solutions that became industry benchmarks.

CEO of Bauwise

In 2013, illustrious names like Telia AS, Eesti Energia AS, and Hansab Group sought Mikk’s expertise. Together, they ventured into crafting project financial management tools that have since set industry standards.

A significant achievement was the conceptualization and deployment of a comprehensive budgeting software tailored for large enterprises. This tool, focusing on planning, forecasting, and budgeting, is today trusted by esteemed organizations like Olympic Entertainment Group, Wendre GROUP, Tallinna University, and Graanul Invest AS, to name a few.

In 2016, leveraging his extensive experience and insights, Mikk embarked on a defining project – “Bauwise.” A sophisticated construction management software that integrates financial management, Bauwise is a testament to Mikk’s enduring vision and commitment to driving innovation in construction. Today, it stands as his primary focus, heralding a new era of efficiency and transparency in the industry.

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