Sven Süld

Sven Süld is s developer at Bauwise

Software Developer

Sven Süld is a highly experienced software developer and team leader at Bauwise, recognized for his extensive expertise in the software industry. With a strong background in PHP, JavaScript, Agile Methodologies, and Software Design, Sven has established himself as a proficient professional in business development and software engineering. His academic foundation in Computer Software Engineering from Tallinn University of Technology complements his practical skills, equipping him with both theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience.


Sven pursued his passion for software development at Tallinn University of Technology, earning his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Software Engineering. His time at the university, from 1994 to 2003, laid the groundwork for his successful career in software development.

Current role at Bauwise

Presently, Sven is a key member of the development team at Bauwise, where he continues to apply his vast knowledge and skills in software development. At Bauwise, he contributes to developing innovative construction management software solutions, helping to streamline project management processes and improve efficiency in the construction industry. His role at Bauwise is a testament to his enduring dedication to software development and his commitment to advancing technology in the construction sector.

Sven Süld is s developer at Bauwise

Work Experience

Sven brings over two decades of rich experience in software development. His journey includes significant roles in some of Estonia’s most successful software companies. Notably, he spent seven years at Helmes, a company renowned for its custom software development services. His tenure at Helmes was marked by significant contributions to various projects, showcasing his adaptability and expertise in software solutions.

He also served as a developer at CV Keskus, Estonia’s premier job portal known for its extensive network of employers and substantial distribution channels. At CV Keskus, Sven played a crucial role in enhancing the platform’s functionality and user experience.

Furthermore, Sven’s leadership skills were tested at BrainArt, where he was a team leader and co-owner. This role allowed him to blend his technical skills with business acumen, leading projects and driving the company’s success.

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