Construction daily report software

Daily reporting tool which is linked with construction project budget

Daily reports use cases

Simple construction daily log

A built-in standard daily report is simple and easy to use for the beginners. Quickly add date, units, quantities, link log with work code in the budget to track real-time costs, add notes, comments and attach documents.

Customizable reports

Bauwise daily report template is fully customizable to fit your business process whether you are a heavy contractor, contractor or general contractor. The report layout can be designed exactly as you need it.

Fast & time saving

Add daily or weekly records with no delays and quickly search across historical logs. Save your superintend, foreman, site supervisor and their assistants time by adding daily construction logs online.

Construction daily report key features

Built-in construction daily logs

To create daily logs from jobsite is crucial for most construction companies. And not only for daily onsite activity, work progress tracking and real-time cost control, but also daily reports can be used as evidence in disputes. We have created easy to use online daily reporting tool that is used to log information about works performance, e.g. works done by your own crew or subcontractor. Your foreman also can log information about materials and equipment used on-site, including related costs such as fuels and transportation. All this information can be linked to the budget and your project manager is immediately aware of ongoing costs, so you can catch any budget deviation in the early stage. On top of it, standard reports allow attaching documents, notes & comments, e.g. about special conditions, such as delays, disruptions or weather conditions on a jobsite.

Fully customizable

Our standard built-in daily report template is a perfect fit for beginners – for companies that are moving from the Excel-based or even paper reports. For the advanced users, we can configure daily report with advanced features, such as complex data entry forms, own selections and etc. If you have sophisticated needs for a daily reporting or want to use different templates, it can be configured as you want and as your team used to it.

Compare daily logs with purchase invoices

Bauwise daily report log not only can be linked with the construction budgeting tool to track ongoing costs in real time, but we took a step forward by linking daily reports with purchase invoices. Project managers can compare daily log information with invoices from the suppliers and link them with daily logs.

Daily logs archive

Creating daily reports is one part of the job. No less important is to securely store the data and be able to find and retrieve them at any time. Our solution allows your team to easily find all current and historical daily reports related to the projects. You can search them using different filters, such as date, person, company and etc. All the data a securely stored in the database as long as you may need them.

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