Construction Cash Flow
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Plan and be sure that you have a steady cash flow.

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Stay on positive cash flow

Keep track, plan and adjust your month-over-month cash flow according to how much you need to pay out and how much you will get paid

Plan properly

Plan your construction project cash flow correctly, and make sure nothing is left out. Visual indicators and automatic checks will let you know when something is missing.

Stay on top of your enterprise cash flow

Get a complete overview project by project on your total company cash flow projection. Know precisely what your cash flow will look like next month or six months from now.

Key product features


Automatize your cash flow projections

Allow the system to automatically generate the construction project initial cash flow projection form the budget and adjust it manually as needed. The system will automatically correct the next periods based on your manual adjustments.


Automatic updates by actuals

Get automatic updates to the past periods by actual invoices and payments. You can allow the system to update and modify cash flow future projections according to the previous period actuals and or tailor-make your own.


Choose the level of details

Choose the level of detail that is suitable for you. For example, plan the cash flow by commitments and outstanding cost codes or cost categories level or do it on a very high level just by the Revenue and Expense group. To be even more exact, you can plan your cash flow by weeks.


Plan what makes sense for you

Projet the cash flow by planning the costs and incomes month by month as cost and revenue will appear and allow the system to generate the actual cash flow incomes and payments based on payment terms or plan it on payment level.


Get enterprise-level total cash flow

The enterprise-level cash flow report will give you a complete overview of projects and month-by-month cash flow. Filter projects by different parameters and adjust how you want to view the data. Choose the period you are interested in, from the past to the future. View financial data with or without VAT.

See for yourself how simple and efficient cash flow management can be.

The typical learning time is just two sessions, while our software can save you up to 4 workdays per month.

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