How can contractors manage costs more efficiently with Bauwise to survive in a falling construction market?

rising construction costs

It’s no secret that the construction industry is facing challenges. Costs are rising, while at the same time, the market is becoming more competitive. To survive in such a challenging environment, contractors must be as efficient as possible with their costs.

Enter Bauwise – a project management tool that enables contractors to manage their costs better and improve their bottom line. With Bauwise, contractors can streamline operations and avoid many cost overruns plaguing construction projects. In this blog post, we’ll look at how Bauwise can help contractors manage their costs more efficiently and improve their chances of surviving in a falling construction market.

Table of Contents

  1. Real-time construction cost tracking
  2. Construction cost reports
  3. Committed and outstanding budget
  4. The real-time balance between budget and actuals
  5. Cash Flow management
  6. Construction time tracking abilities
  7. Precise change order management
  8. Automated cost forecasting
  9. Overview of project financial changes
  10. Identify possible budget overruns
  11. Conclusion

1.  Real-time construction cost tracking 

Real-time construction cost tracking is essential for contractors to stay on budget and remain competitive in today’s rapidly changing market. With Bauwise, contractors can track project costs in real-time to identify areas where excessive spending may occur. Not only does this allow contractors to make more informed decisions about their spending, but it also allows them to adjust their budgets as needed to ensure they stay within their allocated costs. By utilizing Bauwise, contractors can gain insight into every aspect of their project costs to reduce costs and increase profitability, leading them to further success.

2.  Construction cost reports

Another way that Bauwise helps contractors manage their costs more efficiently is by providing detailed cost reports. These reports allow contractors to get an accurate picture of where their money is going and how much is being spent on each project, which can help them identify any potential problems or areas for improvement. They provide insight into current and past expenses, enabling contractors to make more informed decisions regarding budgeting and financial planning. Additionally, the reporting capabilities of Bauwise allow contractors to keep track of their actual costs versus their budgeted costs, so they can ensure they’re not overspending.

3.  Committed and outstanding budget 

A clear and detailed overview of the committed and outstanding budget is essential for contractors to manage costs more efficiently in a falling construction market. This allows contractors to keep track of all the money they have already spent on a project and the amount they are still obligated to pay, which provides them with additional insight into their spending habits. Get an overview of such metrics as total project and labor expenses and specific breakdowns of costs by category. With this feature, contractors can be confident that they are staying within their budget and can make adjustments as needed to save money.

4.  The real-time balance between budget and actuals 

Using Bauwise, contractors can stay on top of their project’s financials in real-time. The platform provides a clear view of the budget and actual costs incurred for each project phase. This allows them to quickly identify discrepancies between the two and adjust as needed to help manage costs more efficiently. The balance between the budget and actuals is essential when surviving a falling construction market.

5.  Cash Flow management

Cash flow management is an important tool for contractors, as it helps them to ensure they have enough money to cover the costs of their projects. With construction cash flow management, contractors can track income and expenses in real-time, receive alerts when they are at risk of running out of funds, and stay on top of their budget. Such transparency and visibility of financial matters help them remain competitive and make more informed decisions when managing money.

6.  Construction time tracking abilities

Construction time tracking is essential for contractors to help them manage their projects more efficiently and stay on top of costs. With construction time tracking, contractors can easily keep track of the hours worked by their employees, subcontractors, and suppliers. This allows them to monitor labor costs and ensure that all resources are utilized effectively. Additionally, it helps contractors identify areas where they can save money or better use existing resources.

7.  Precise change order management

Construction change order management is an essential tool for contractors to help them manage their costs more efficiently. It helps ensure that any changes made during a project are documented and tracked correctly, which can prevent costly mistakes from occurring. Change orders also give contractors visibility into the financials of their projects, allowing them to stay on top of costs while ensuring they remain within budget. With construction change order management, contractors can better anticipate future expenses and plan accordingly in a falling construction market.

8.  Automated cost forecasting 

Automated construction cost forecasting with Bauwise is a powerful tool to help contractors remain competitive in a falling construction market. With automated cost forecasts, contractors can quickly and accurately predict future costs and plan for potential issues that may arise during their projects. This allows them to stay within their budget while still being able to make the most of their resources. Automated cost forecasting gives contractors visibility into future expenses so they can adjust their plans accordingly. By utilizing automated construction cost forecasting tools, contractors can ensure that they remain on track with their budgets and make more informed decisions when it comes to managing project costs.

9.  Overview of project financial changes 

Project managers have a huge advantage when managing costs efficiently with Bauwise. The platform provides project managers with real-time data on the budget and actuals for each phase of the project, giving them an up-to-date understanding of how the project is progressing. Additionally, they can use project forecasting and construction time tracking features to help manage costs more effectively. With these tools, they can quickly identify discrepancies between their budgets and actuals and adjust accordingly to ensure that all resources are utilized optimally. This gives them greater control over their projects’ financial progress.

10.  Identify possible budget overruns 

With Bauwise, contractors can quickly identify possible budget overruns before they happen. By using the platform’s real-time data on budgets and actuals for each project phase, contractors can quickly detect discrepancies between their predicted expenses and actual costs. Additionally, Bauwise’s cost forecasting and construction cost tracking features allow contractors to stay on top of changes in the budget and act accordingly. This helps them control costs, remain competitive in a falling construction market, and use their resources better.


In summary, Bauwise construction management software is a powerful tool to assist contractors in managing their costs more efficiently to survive the falling market. It provides valuable features such as real-time cost tracking, committed and outstanding budget, cash flow management, change order management, and project financial overviews. The automated cost forecasting function helps identify possible budget overruns so you can take corrective action before it’s too late. Bauwise also offers construction time tracking abilities that allow you to stay on top of progress for all projects you are working on. Combined, these features provide the trustworthiness needed for transparent proceedings between owner and contractor. Ultimately, this aids business success and sustainability amid challenging economic climates. With its comprehensive suite of productivity tools, Bauwise is the complete one-stop solution for any contractor looking for a pragmatic way to reduce costs and keep projects profitable. Take advantage of this powerful software and try out Bauwise construction management software today!

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