Online cost approval software

Allocate and approve purchase invoices, payroll and any other costs

Cost approval use cases

Online allocation & approval

Purchase invoices from suppliers or other costs can be allocated from a construction site and sent for management approval.

Go paperless & save time

Forget printing invoices, signing them manually and duplicating work. Online allocation will save time for your team and is environmentally friendly.

Full control

Dual level cost approval ensures that all costs are checked thoroughly. Budget overrun is not allowed without special approval and logged justifications.

Cost allocation and approval system key features

Powerful cost allocation & approval

Cost allocation and approval is a daily task in construction companies. We have streamlined the construction accounting and job costing process to make it more efficient and environmentally friendly. Our solution allows your project managers to allocate costs – such as purchase invoices or payroll – on a budget line level and get management approval online. Implemented workflow allows you to specify who can split invoices and who can approve the costs. And all this without any paper.

Integration with accounting system

Optional integration with the ERP system will provide automatic data exchange between your accounting system and Bauwise. Using two-way integration, you can start the construction job costing process form Bauwise or form the ERP system. With one click, the final approver can then post it back to the accounting system. Our software allows you to import invoices from different invoice digitisation tools.

Filtering, history & notifications

Our user-friendly filters make it easy to sort costs based on a project, a user or even registration time. Indicators will show you the related people and statuses. You can also easily drill into every invoice to view attached documents and logs. The team will get automatic notifications regarding cost allocations and approvals directly to their mailbox.

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