Manage commitments

No more overspending.

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Avoid overspending

Bauwise helps you keep a close eye on your spending, so you can make sure that you do not exceed the contract amounts.

Get accurate forecasts

All contract-related changes and reserves are immediately displayed in your cost forecasts.

Keep everything in one place

Purchase orders, contracts, invoices and other commitments are all kept well organised in one place.

Key product features


Subcontractor contracts

All subcontractor contracts are stored and organised in one place.


Track and manage retentions

Manage retentions connected to contracts and get an overview of your commitments.


Track related invoices

You can select and track all invoices that are connected.

See for yourself how simple and efficient Bauwise is.

The typical learning time is just two sessions, while our software can save you up to 4 workdays per month.

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