Free construction change order templates

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Discover a range of helpful free construction change order forms for adjusting project agreements. These templates are easy to personalize and come in Excel, Word, and PDF formats.

On this page, you’ll find different change order templates, such as a basic construction change order template, an Engineering change order template, and a construction change order log template.

Free construction change order templates (Microsoft Word, PDF, and Excel files)

This simple construction change order form covers everything needed for a change order. It starts with who’s asking for the changes and who else is involved in the project. Then, it lets you describe the changes, why they’re needed, and how they affect the project’s original plan. You can also list the costs for materials, labor, and equipment to see the total cost of the changes.

Free construction engineering template (Microsoft Word and PDF files)

Sometimes, different problems or mistakes might need changes in engineering projects. These could be things like issues with the environment or mistakes in the original plan. This template helps with that. It has places to write down the project’s name and where it is, plus the names of the people involved, like the owner, contractor, and engineer. You can write details about the changes you want and add any papers or documents that help explain them. The template also shows a list of all the work that needs to be done and how much it will cost to make those changes.

Free construction change order log template (Excel file)

This template helps you keep track of changes in construction projects. You can make a list of changes, see how much they cost, and when they need to be done. You can also add more information if you need to. For each change, you can see the total cost, when it’s happening, and other important details.

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